Precious Metals

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Precious Metals

Curious about the purity and value of your gold, silver, and platinum? Consult 888 Auctions’ JadeLab laboratories and be assured of accurate identification and quality service.

Testing and Analysis

Any precious metals are analyzed using an accurate assay technique through our X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometers (XRF). The non-destructive analysis can quickly identify the concentration of gold and other precious metals in jewellery, coins and antiques and accurately quantify the presence of various elements of gold (Au), silver (Ag), and platinum (Pt).

The advantages of using 888 Auctions’ JadeLab laboratories in the testing and analysis of precious metals include:

-          High reproducibility and precision

-          High degree of accuracy

-          Non-destructive analysis

Our XRF Precious Metal analysis is useful for the following applications:

-          Analysis of gold jewellery

-          Analysis of gold alloys, Ag-Ag, Cu

-          Analysis of white gold alloys Au-Ag-Pd-Cu-Zn/Au-Ag-Cu-Zn-Ni

-          Analysis of platinum alloys Pt-Cu/Pt-Ir/Pt-Ru

-          Analysis of silver alloys Ag-Cu

-          Analysis of copper alloys Cu-Zn-Sn-Pb (useful for archaic bronzeware)

-          Measurement of immersion silver coating (immersion Ag coating)

-          Standardless analysis of gold alloys

-          Standardless analysis of silver alloys

888 Auctions JadeLab laboratories ensure reliable and accurate information of precious metals, providing a level of assurance for buyers and sellers of 888 Auctions.

Contact JadeLab Services

If you wish to contact us in regards to unbiased grading and analysis or any other enquiries, contact us by email or by phone.

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