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Jewellery Testing Jewellery Testing
Jewellery and Gemstone Testing

No matter where you are in the world, you can submit diamonds, coloured gemstones, and pearls directly to 888 Auctions’ JadeLab laboratories and be assured of quality identification, grading, and service.


888 Auctions jewellery testing facilities rely upon three key principles: Experties, Precision, and Objectivity:

Expertise: Our laboratories are fully staffed by experienced technicians working with state-of-the-art technology.

Precision: Advanced instrumentation and experienced visual observations deliver consistently accurate results.

Objectivity: All gemstones are analyzed under complete client anonymity to ensure objective analysis.

 Lab Services on Location

-          D-to-Z diamonds up to 3.99 carats

-          Coloured diamonds up to 3.99 carats

-          Synthetic diamonds up to 3.99 carats

-          Coloured stones

-          Diamond sealing**

Determination of diamond type – Ia, Ib, IIa or IIb. Results can be delivered verbally, or by letter upon request.

**Sealing: Upon request we can provide diamond and key grading information sealed in compact, tamper-resistant package for easy transport and display.

Analysis and Grading

888 Auctions provide assessment of authenticity and quality for diamonds in the D-to-Z colour range.

In addition, we can accurately confirm a gemstone’s identity and characteristics through a thorough gemological examination.

888 Auctions receives a varied and complex range of items for identification; everything from coloured stones and pearls, unusual carvings and jewellery, to the latest in synthetics, and simulants, as well as treated gems. A significant area of activity involves the origin of color in gemstones, most notably, but far from limited to, diamonds, rubies, and sapphires.


888 Auctions emphasizes objectivity in its reports and services, and endeavours ensure a diamond’s anonymity through the grading process. Upon arrival to the laboratory, every diamond is placed in a custom designed, transparent storage case, and all references to its owner are removed or concealed. It is assigned a bar-coded label with a unique internal identification number that is used to track it throughout the process. Furthermore, client information is masked within the software diamond graders use to enter their data and assessments.

Weights and Measures

Diamonds are weighed with an electronic micro-balance that captures their weight to the fifth decimal place. An optical measuring device determines their proportions, measurements, and facet angles.


Items are then transferred to the Identification Inventory Control department for distribution to trained and experienced gemologists for servicing. Once an item is received by an initial gemologist, its recorded weight and measurements are verified, or if the item is mounted or strung, the gemologist will use manual measuring devices to determine and record necessary measurements.

Employing state-of-the-art technology in his research and identification efforts, the gemologist then performs a variety of analytical investigations, including a microscopic examination of the item, and performs all the tests required to properly determine its gemological identity and detect any treatments.

After that, the item is transferred to a second gemologist, who independently performs all necessary observations and testing. Depending on the identity and nature of the item, it may be examined by additional gemologists and research specialists.

Contact Jadelab Services

If you wish to contact us in regards to unbiased grading and analysis or any other enquiries, contact us by email or by phone.

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