Coin Analysis

Coin Analysis Coin Analysis
Coin Analysis

888 Auctions has a dedicated department devoted to numismatics: the study or collection of currency, including coins, tokens, paper money, and related objects. More specifically, 888 auctions is interested in international coins, with a keen interest in Canadian and Chinese coins.

With on-site professionals ready to help identify your coins and paper notes, our coin analysis involves several factors used to determine a coin’s grade and value.

We ensure that your items will be expertly valuated with no obligation for you to sell.

Why Choose 888 Auctions' Coin Analysis?

We value your reputation and strive to make the sale of your collection a pleasant and rewarding experience. Not only do we offer comfortable and discrete meeting areas, you can be satisfied knowing your items will be stored in a secure location.

At 888 Auctions, our network of dealers and buyers always pay fair market-value prices. If you are thinking of selling a collection, we have the expertise, resources and immediate market to sell your entire collection at top prices, either privately or through auction.

888 Auctions Coin Analysis & Valuations

At 888 Auctions, coin grading and analysis involves several factors that determine a coin’s grade. Some of these factors include lustre, relief, wear, handling marks, scratches, and blemishes.

888 Auctions JadeLab can also measure the refractive index to detect the composition of metal coins. This may be particularly useful for coins dating back hundreds of years.

Numismatic forgeries in a burgeoning market for international coins have created an impetus for definitive and genuine items. 888 Auctions provides authoritative analysis and quality service ensuring our clients are completely satisfied.

Ready to Sell at 888 Auctions?

Visit us at our auction house gallery floor at 280 West Beaver Creek Road and meet with one of our staff. 888’s top expert appraisers are on hand to immediately evaluate your items and explain the basis of the value for each item.


If you wish to send us your items to sell through our auction or wish to sell privately, please contact us by email or by phone. We will provide complimentary valuations with no obligation to sell privately or through auction.

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