Shipping Release Form

Shipping is the responsibility of the successful buyer. Contact one of our suggested shippers listed at the bottom or one of your choosing to arrange for shipping. Items are not released to a third party until such time as this form is completed and submitted to 888 Auctions.
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By submitting this form I hereby hold harmless 888 Auctions Inc. against any claims or chargebacks due to damage or loss during the shipping process. This form acknowledges that once the items are released by 888 Auctions Inc. to my requested shipper per my directions, I have acknowledged receipt of the goods. By checking above, I agree to be bound by these terms. I hereby agree to 888 Auctions’ Terms & Conditions of Sale, understanding all sales are FINAL with NO REFUND, NO EXCHANGE, AND NO CREDIT. All property offered for sale is strictly as is, where is, and with all faults. This form releases 888 Auctions of any liability from damages or loss incurred during the shipment process.