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Massive Python Swallows Indonesian Man Whole-Graphic Images

Massive Python Swallows Indonesian Man Whole-Graphic Images

*Warning: Graphic Content Below*

Akbar Salubiro, a 25-year-old father of three, headed off to work. When he didn't return home the next day, family and friends went looking. This could easily be the start of a Law and Order episode or some other police drama TV show. However, the mean streets of New York City do not portray all of the world's hazards. Never has a TV show depicted Salubiro's fate: killed and swallowed whole by a reticulated python.

Akbar left his home in a small village on the island of West Sulawesi, Indonesia to harvest palm oil. No one thought that strange, although neighbors heard muffled screams the same night he left to harvest. However, when Salubiro did not return from the harvest, his neighbors started searching. Their worst fear came true when they discovered a gigantic, 23-foot-long Reticulated Python only a few yards from the man's home. As they looked at the barely moving snake, the neighbors noticed the outline of Akbar's boots.

Securing the snake, villagers used an 18-inch-long knife to cut open the snake's stomach. There they discovered Akbar's boots. Cutting open the remainder of the 350-pound-snake, they found the rest of their friend's body intact and whole. Additionally, they recorded the entire grisly event as they pulled back the reptile's skin to reveal the corpse.

Neighbors believe the python attacked the 25-year-old from behind while he worked in his garden. The unexplained, muffled screams from the night before suddenly made sense to his neighbors and family members. This is not the first time that a reticulated python swallowed a person whole. Reticulated Pythons are a specific type of boa constrictor, which suffocate their prey before swallowing them. They are among the heaviest snakes in the world and are the longest snake and reptile on Earth

Source: Viral Press

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Friday, 15 December 2017
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