January 18, 2017

2:00 PM New York Time

January 19, 2017

3:00 AM Beijing Time

Lot 18

Zhang Daqian 1899-1983 Chinese Watercolour Beauty Certified


Lot 33

Le Corbusier (Swiss/French, 1887-1965) Acrylic


Lot 58

Oil Portrait of Ai Weiwei by Mathew Jessonia


Lot 66

Albert Bierstadt 1830-1902 American Oil on Canvas


Lot 88

Chaïm Soutine (Russian/French 1893-1943) OOC


Lot 89

André Lanskoy (Russian 1902-1976) Oil on Paper


Lot 102

Attr. Philip Guston (American 1913-1980) OOC


Lot 103

Stuart Davis (American 1892-1964) OOC Abstract


Lot 183

Burma Green Jadeite Carved Bangle GIA Certificate


Diamond Jewelry

Many lots of Rings and Jewelry

Decorative Art

Western and Asian Decorative Art

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Modern Art, Jewelry & Asian Antiques Jan 18, 2018

888 Auctions is extremely disreputable. After selling 2 misrepresented items through the Invaluable auction website, 888 would not refund the monies spent to ship the items nor to return them and had the nerve to keep the premium paid for the misrepresented items. Do NOT do business with this auction house !!!!!

I have dealt with a lot of auction house, and most of them do not value their customer's and treat them poorly. My experiences with 888 have been different, they are responsive, communicate well, and actually work to make sure the customer is happy. Definitely among the best auction houses to deal with. One thing to be aware of is that although Canadian based, their auction prices and packing services are in USD not CAD.

I bought a painting whcih was an authentic one which christies want to offer this beautiful art for one of their auctions. - 888 is one of the best auction houses!

This auction house is a total scam. Beware,they only sell fake antiques that they import from China . They aren't mentionned in any press, the adress is in a mall and is unviewable in Google street. They mostly operate and sell online and that's another red flag. DO NOT TRUST